The Journey of a Unicorn Development Company

It’s been about half a year since Digis rebranded and we started following the new mission: 

We Raise Unicorns from Startups! 

Analyzing our previous experience, we see it as our main strength and advantage. We have already provided support to dozens of startups in raising capital and developing their businesses, several of them are estimated at billions of dollars. 

This post describes how the Digis team is devoted to its mission and at the same time how much we can offer aspiring and experienced startups

New services for startups

During these months we launched 3 new services and are not planning to stop.

Technology Partner for startups — you get a team of technical experts as your CTO. Our project manager represents the team and coordinates with startup leaders. We take upon ourselves all the technical part of product development and can also help with business strategy and investments. As a usual co-founder, we invest in the startup with our own money and help with fundraising. 

Discovery phase — the stage helps you understand whether the idea is worth being developed and launched. It also allows you to predict and eliminate risks such as loss of investment, unexpected constraints, lack of market demand. Our offer will help you stay within the expected budget and at the same time fulfill all the requirements. You get 100% confidence that your project is viable, business needs are fulfillable, and product requirements and deadlines are achievable. 

Web and Mobile Design — it is the next step after the discovery phase and closely interrelated with it. Digis team offers quality UX/UI product design within tight deadlines for fair prices. We also can help with the re-design, branding, and design of separate features. 

Our leaders opened a business accelerator…

… and Digis has become a sister company. 

RichelieuV, a business accelerator and incubator, is launched by our Managing Partner and CEO Nick Nagatkin and Jean-Thierry Augustin, President of ENOG Advisors and Ex-CEO Eurosport. 

The company is looking for early-stage startups with a prototype and a formed team. Chosen applicants will get access to cash investment, strategic business advice from industry veterans, an experienced IT team, an international network of mentors, and fundraising.

Primary industries: Media, Gaming, Digital transformation, Sport, E-Sport, OTT, Video.

I have been investing in a number of startups, sit on several boards, and came to realize how much they need time-critical, reliable and cost-effective services for developing their apps and operational backbones, so joining forces with Nick, the founder of DIGIS was an obvious move. DIGIS already has a very talented workforce of 120+ specialists based in Eastern Europe servicing an international portfolio of clients from early startups to Unicorns and achieved 50% growth in 2020 and I see huge potential. Nick and I have two very complementary profiles, crossing cultures, generations, and expertise across the world. This will foster great value for our future partners and the firm.

Jean-Thierry Augustin

Broke into the top 20 app development companies for startups

On the 24th of March, Mobile App Daily released a research report Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies for Startups in 2021. According to the report, Digis is ranked 5th in this list.

The research agency discovered the mobile app industry on the international level and curated the leaders which are perfect for startups. Among crucial factors were:

  • client testimonials
  • work quality
  • company size
  • cost-effectiveness
  • experience with startups
  • variety of industries an applicant worked in  
  • annual business growth rate
  • expertise in technology
  • and others.

With the most innovative IT technologies, Digis stands out from its competitors. Being an AI-driven business we can offer the most optimized solution. Automation cuts down our expenses and makes our services more cost-effective to clients.

Our plans are to continuously improve our level of IT services while growing our team and launching new services to become a one-stop-shop for startups.

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