New eSports Project for DIGIS to help withstand Covid-19

eSports is making its way to the recognition and success, for sure. Especially today, when virtually the whole world is stationed firmly at home, wishing to not let Covid-19 find new victims. Movies, TV series are ok to kill time but there are too much of them already. People want to feel competition, its thrill, get that awesome feeling of victories and defeats we all love. Real sports, as we see, aren’t that safe, as multiple teams start their self-isolation in full squad, being affected by the Coronavirus. The only remaining way to compete is play eSports. That’s why this area is so on a rise now. And DIGIS is totally pleased to be attributed to this rise, as over the last couple of months we helped two businesses find they way to the eSports and its beauties. You have certainly read about our participation in Lanslot App project, and now here you go with a couple of words about our second project, Bet4Fun ( The guys’ app was released to production and appeared on App Store last week, and that’s great!

Bet4Fun app adds a scent of competition to home-stationed video gamers by allowing them to challenge their friends and rivals in various mobile games. The users can organize tournaments and invite other players, even from other parts of the world, to play favorite games either for free (already existing feature) or for real money (will be added shortly for certain locations).  

We hope that Bet4Fun will not stay behind Lanslot App and will attract their first 100k active users in a nearest time. Go forward, Bet4Fun, we all here at DIGIS are keeping our fingers crossed for you!  We would also like to recommend other eSports service providers not to loose their time and call DIGIS to learn how they can improve their business indicators and get new users to their platforms

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