Kekfeed and DIGIS Celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Our Partnership

Long-lasting partnership is what successful business is based upon. Nothing can be achieved without a reliable partner standing behind your back and ready to offer you a shoulder to lean on at needed times. At the same time, such partnerships are not appearing out of the air – they are earned by hard work, mutual respect, and loyalty. These are exactly what our two companies, Kekfeed and DIGIS, are demonstrating to each other, both being committed to the highest level of responsibility and accountability to our partners.

As a result, October 21, 2020 sees the onset of the 1st anniversary of our partnership as the same date one year ago we managed to find each other in the murky waters of the IT world.

Our friendship started then from a small backend development contract under which DIGIS augmented the Kekfeed’s project team with 2 Java developers. After a certain time, high performance of our engineers impressed Kekfeed and they additionally requested and obtained our Android developer. Not very much time following that, DIGIS provided an iOS software engineer and brough the number of our people on the Kekfeed project up to 4 software engineers. If you think that’s all, you are mistaken: this September the Project Team was augmented by one more DIGIS software engineering talent who will be responsible for handcrafting the Kekfeed’s CMS component and, generally, working on the Kekfee’s internal system.

It would be unfair not to mention the other side of this mutually beneficial partnership as Kekfeed contributes a lot to the success of the project. An awesome support for us and for the entire Project comes from Kekfeed’s in-house Team Leads and CTO who are providing as much project leadership skills as possible, managing all the Java, JavaScript, Android, and iOS development efforts in accordance with the best practices. Gennadiy, Konstantin, and Fedor, you are the men!

We think that’s an absolute beauty to establish and maintain such a partnership which can be deservedly called a real friendship! Especially, when it provides such great results as ours: 500,000+ installs on Google Play. The iOS version is also live on App Store, so don’t miss it if you use an Apple’s product.  

Our friend’s app is a real deal for those who need a source to draw inspiration and get positive emotions as it is one of the world’s best meme-generators and certainly one of the best collections of the Internet’s coolest memes. So, our high recommendations to the solution, without any exclusions!

DIGIS sends our cordial congratulations to the entire Kekfeed team on this occasion and hopes that this milestone will be only the first in a row of dozens more to follow in future!

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