Digis got our own Forbes nominee

Though we have always known that our CEO Nick Nagatkin is a true leadership and management talent, it was a sheer surprise for us this morning to learn that Forbes has put him to their list of 30 Under 30 Europe 2022 in Technology.

Forbes 30 Under 30 is a set of lists of people under 30 years old issued annually by Forbes magazine and some of its regional editions. The American lists recognize 600 business and industry figures, with 30 selected in twenty industries each. Asia and Europe also each have ten categories for a total of 300 each, while Africa has a single list of 30 people. Forbes hosts associated conferences and a section of its website called 30 Under 30.


That is a huge achievement for any businessman, to get recognition from such a renowned and reputable business influencer as Forbes magazine. Some push hard during their entire life and never manage to even get close enough to that milestone. Some, on the opposite, are lucky and skilled enough to make it. What we think makes the difference here is the people, people that support and surround candidates. Back in the day, we asked Nick where he takes his inspiration and strength from, and the answer was “I take all my achievements and successes as a collective result of myself and all my employees. There would be nothing without their hard efforts and meaningful support.

Today, after greeting Nick personally, we took an opportunity and asked him what he thinks about the Forbes nomination and why he was put on that list. Below is his answer.

First of all, thanks for greetings and congratulations. Regarding the question, you know, nothing has changed – I still owe my success to my people. You’re the best, Digis folks. This nomination is also yours.

You ask about why I’ve got to that list. You know, I don’t know which formal criteria they use in Forbes but I can understand why I – and certainly Digis – have got to it. That’s because of our approach which in fact is very simple – to always stay two, three, or ten times better than our competitors. And we actually are multiple times better in our processes, in recruiting, and in sales. We are as well better in delivering our services and products to clients. What also makes us different is that we have fully automated most of our operations. We have elaborated our signature operations scheme called Smart Outsourcing Automation Paradigm. Its patenting is now pending. What I want to say is that we have appeared to be on this Forbes list because we are simply better than others. It is that simple, I think.

Nick Nagatkin
Digis CEO

With that being said, we want to congratulate Nick on this honor and tell him that this nomination is absolutely deserved as we every day see his efforts he takes to keep the Digis’ gears rolling and orders flowing in. We know how difficult it can be to manage such a huge crowd of people, and manage them effectively without resorting to micromanagement but with the observance of strategic goals. We understand how complicated it can be to communicate with potential or existing clients and ensure they are happy and satisfied. And our CEO has managed to successfully work everything out and get the prize!

Great job, Boss!

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