1st Anniversary of BlaBlaCar and DIGIS Cooperation: The First Pancake is Not Always Lumpy

October 1st, 2020 was a significant day for DIGIS as it was the first anniversary of our cooperation with BlaBlaCar. One year ago, we were found and contracted for augmented staffing services, and since that time, we, hopingly, have provided our partners with no grounds for regrets. 

For us, partnering with BlaBlaCar, the world’s leader in long-distance carpooling services, is a great chance to contribute to sustainable development and greenification of our environment, help a socially responsible business improve their operations, and, at the same time, learn a lot from this really innovative company valued at as much as $1.6 bln. 

DIGIS believes that this partnership became possible because of the similarities in our mission and philosophy – make the world better, help others get what they want, and be ready to do extra work for a partner’s satisfaction. Our cooperation is based on respect, trust, and loyalty, and that makes it solid as a rock. Nothing must, and is, concealed from the partner, be it a fault to regret and fix or a reason to celebrate. We see the same approach to the operations from BlaBlaCar and it’s great as well. There were a lot of joyful and sad things during this year but both DIGIS and BlaBlaCar managed to live through them and learn important lessons, which are making us better.

We hope and expect that this is only the beginning of a long-lasting friendship for both our companies, and the further it will go, the more advantages and benefits it will bring us. 

Congrats on this anniversary, people of DIGIS and les hommes de BlaBlaCar!

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