Why I need custom code if I have no-code

Sometimes you have no time or money to develop a custom product. Sometimes the expenses are simply not worth it. But sometimes custom development is the only way to quality, safe and appealing software. 

From our experience, you don’t have to choose a single way of development. No-code tools are not replacing custom development. It is about flexibility and efficiency. Everything needs the right place and time. 

Here we prepared infographics that help you find the best way to embody your ideas or solve your digital issues. But first…

Understanding No-code and Low-code

Both terms mean the partial automation of custom application development. It is like lego but with digital blocks. These blocks represent repeated solutions, such as querying a database or best-practices when designing a user interface. In no- and low-code platforms you can often find AI-enabled tools that leverage API catalogs and prebuilt templates.

In some materials on the topic, the terms «no-code» or «low-code» are sometimes interchanged or name the same thing. Some people call both of them no-code, others — low-code. However, they are a little bit different in their nature. 

For no-code tools, you do not have to know any programming language, but for low-code you sometimes need coding. For example, the most popular integrations require adding code snippets or setting up the right analytics via Google Tag Manager, so you may need a basic understanding of JS.
No-code example
Low-code example

So, what to choose for your software development

You can read and download it here.

DIGIS no-code or custom development

Make your decision

Actually, all of these ways of development might be used in one software. But anyway, it will result in custom system development. 

Take into account your product strategy, limits, and resources you have, before deciding how to develop your next digital product and what tools to use.

Our developers and other professionals will choose the best variant to meet your needs. Of course, we work more with custom software development and hand-coding. But when we see that we can make our work cheaper and faster, saving high quality — why not do it? For example: instead of coding use a paid JS library with yearly support — it is better than focusing on writing a code from scratch. When it is possible to automate some process — we will choose it. 

DIGIS is a unique solution because not only we help with custom software design and development but delve into your business, helping with a discovery phase, strategy, investments, and much more. 

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