Here’s How Much Software Developers Make in Ukraine

Software developers from Ukraine are ranked 4th in Europe and 5th globally among countries with the best developers. Because of the high level of education and the cheaper cost of living, we can provide quality web and mobile development at reasonable prices. 

Here we collected recent job postings, resume, and survey statistics for you to be updated on our current state of affairs. Our main resources were Ukrainian media for IT specialists DOU, IT job platform Djinni and a research from business media AIN.

Keep in mind, that these salaries are paid directly to developers. IT outstaffing and IT outsourcing services in Ukraine have additional value, so prices are correspondingly higher. In the first case — you pay an additional fee because a Ukranian software development company guarantees you quality and saves money and time related to the hiring process. In the case of outsourcing, you pay for the work of the whole dedicated development team that builds a digital product (BA, PM, QA, UX/UI designers, etc.) for you, as well as product delivery risks. Also, salaries may vary depending on a software engineer’s skills

To put it short, average software developer salaries in Ukraine range between $2000-5000 a month. If you need details on the level and language — check out the full material below.

In the infographics below, languages are placed according to their usage popularity in 2021 from about 7000 respondents from Ukraine. So the more popular the language the more developers you will find here practice it.  

«Salaries from employer offers» represent which sum of money gets the most offers from companies.

«Salaries from software developer survey» represent a median salary based on software developers’ answers about their current position and salary.  

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Digis average salary in ukraine per month for software engineer

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