Project discovery phase template for startups

It sounds quite obvious — thorough research is a must-have for any serious decisions. Nevertheless, some teams miss the discovery phase for websites, new features, rebranding, new organization strategy, сhronic company’s problems, and even for the development of new products.

In this material, we talk about the discovery phase as an initial stage of a software development project. The stage helps you understand whether the idea is worth being developed and launched. It also allows you to predict and eliminate risks such as loss of investment, unexpected constraints, lack of market demand. Discovery phase is also about defining possible architecture of the product.

42% of 101 researched startups failed because of no market need. 

It is like building a house without construction documentation. Such enterprise might result in something like this:

To avoid the situation for your project we have prepared the discovery phase template

You can read and download it here.

DIGIS discovery phase of a software development project

Making your software discovery phase more effective and reliable

Would you like to join successful startups or even a Unicorn club? Make sure you are on the right way by adding to your team outside professionals. There are several reasons why you need to consider it:

1. To avoid biases, to get critical opinion; 

2. Your in-house team might not have the necessary talents or enough business experience;

3. Discovery phase is not an inseparable part of the product development process. You can work on the discovery phase with one company and then take prepared documents and build your product by yourself or with the help of another organization;

4. Outside experts, experienced in discoveries will guarantee a reduced project budget and great market prospects for your project. 

Meet your budget while achieving success Order a preliminary talk with our team that works specifically with the discovery phase of a software project.

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