What mobile app development trends will fit your project?

The important thing to remember about mobile app development trends is that you should not implement them just because it is in fashion. Always keep in mind whether your users need it? Trends are to fit modern users’ expectations about mobile app experience, to make their lives easier. Here we collected mobile app development trends and what projects might need them.

Make sure you really need a mobile app About 51% of US users download 0 apps in a month. In most app categories user retention in a month — about 3-4%. So, first of all, read the material.

5G network to speed up your mobile app 

A high-speed mobile internet connection can bring revolutionary changes to mobile apps and boost the widespread application of AR, IoT, and other major technologies.

Despite the fact that the technology has a great influence on your app, it doesn’t mean a lot of extra coding work for your mobile app developers. Concerns about detecting and utilizing 5G are more related to the phone manufacturers, as well as operating systems Android and iOS. 5G support is baked right into Android Q, for example.

However, your development team should pay attention to security when connecting from the mobile app to other external platforms.

Benefits for mobile app development:

  • increases GPS precision for mobile apps
  • quickens the data transfer speed
  • increases battery efficiency
  • reduces latency to just one millisecond

AI — virtual assistants, recommendation platforms, UX, and much more

Mobile app development has been enhanced by machine learning. However, the scope of the use has not been fully realized yet. Artificial intelligence can make apps more intelligent, ultimately improving the experience on every level. From backend development to frontend user interface design.

Here are only some features you can implement in your mobile app:

  • image recognition
  • face detection
  • text and image classification
  • sentiment recognition and classification
  • speech recognition
  • predictive analytics

The features implementation requires machine learning engineers and specific frameworks for mobile app developers to embed the solutions into their apps. For example, Apple’s Core ML 3 is for AI technology specifically. 

Benefits for mobile app development:

  • more privacy and security
  • low latency and acute data processing capabilities
  • personalization: more localized and context-driven user experience
  • automation of processes without the need for human presence
  • quicker analysis 

cloud mobile app integration

Storing data and performing operations on the cloud have plenty of benefits for businesses as well as for users. 

  • scalability. Your operations can go up and down on a scale
  • reducing costs in web hosting
  • reduces the risk of app crashes and data loss
  • developers save time
  • improved loading capacity
  • improved security
  • no need to use the internal memory of users smartphones
  • sharing data across devices

So, technology is especially important for:

  1. Apps that have a web version and need access from various devices; 
  2. Projects that have infrequent and unpredictable surges in demand; 
  3. You are planning to become big and prefer automatic scaling. 

To get the benefits of the technology companies try employing various cloud platforms for mobile app development and maintenance, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform.

augmented reality — better UX and engagement

Remember Pokemon Go? For now, this technology is actively used for more practical things in mobile app development: 

  • help people with disabilities so they can get an idea of what’s happening around them
  • Google Maps «Live view»: by pointing the device’s camera at buildings and street signs, the app can figure out exactly where a user is
  • training programs for employee learning
  • content creation, as face filters in Instagram and Snapchat
  • advertising

There are many SDKs and frameworks for augmented reality in mobile app development. Some of them are designed for a particular platform, others are able to work on multiple platforms. However, some features are only possible for specific camera or smartphone models.  

What apps benefit from the features most:

  • online shops
  • healthcare platforms
  • games
  • entertainment
  • education
  • etc.

IoT integration

IoT is not only for managing your smart home. From healthcare to retail, IoT technology might find application for any industry.

Benefits for mobile app development:

  • automates repetitive tasks
  • saves time and money (IoT provide functionalities that cost much less than traditional methods)
  • increases productivity and higher output
  • increases safer workplaces (IoT help with monitoring high-risk environments more efficiently)
  • provides data assortment and analysis in real-time

What apps benefit from the features most:

  • logistics — to track vehicle’s location, measures external conditions like temperature or humidity, estimates load, etc.; collect data for management and further analysis
  • retail — you can bring your payment automation to a greater level while increasing customer experience! Beacons send the signal to the customer’s smartphone and charge the cost for products taken.
  • healthcare — collecting health data from wearables in real-time and reacts to issues immediately

wearable devices — your app should be prepared 

The number of connected wearable devices is expected to reach 1,1 billion in 2022. It is increasingly used by all generations for health, fitness, music, payments and other purposes we use mobile phones for. Wearables are now considered independent devices.

Wearable apps are similar to other apps that are made with the Android SDK but differ in design and functionality.

digital wellbeing features

Following the nudge theory, you can increase users’ loyalty and trust to your brand by helping them deal with procrastination, multitasking, distractions. 

Examples of wellbeing features: 

  • get statistics about screen time
  • set times to limit mobile usage
  • manage their notifications
  • schedule focus mode

What apps benefit from the features most:

1. Social network: track time they spend in your app and turn on different notification regimes;

2. Messengers: various notification modes so they can focus on crucial tasks;

3. Mobile games: track time they spend in your app and let them turn on the mode when the game won’t be available

mobile wallets for apps with transactions 

Wallet integration should become a standard feature for every app that processes transactions. Currently, that’s not the case. But the mobile wallet penetration rate in apps will grow significantly in the coming years.  

What apps benefit from most: Sure, e-commerce, but it is not limited to the industry. Think of Uber, Spotify, post office apps — they all employ Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay for in-app transactions. 

instant apps for better customer experience

With Android Studio mobile app developers can build instant app experiences so users can try the app without installing it. They just need to tap the “try now” button.

Instant apps have size restrictions, but these limitations could change in the coming years.

What apps benefit from most:

  • e-commerce apps — customers use instant versions, buy what they want, and then do not have an unnecessary load in smartphone memory
  • parking apps
  • event-based apps
  • entertainment. Customers may download an entertainment app to watch specific videos once in a while, but when the time comes to free up space for a more “important” app, that will be one of the first to go.

If you’re developing apps for the Google Play Store in 2021, it is also important to have an instant version as well.

Wrapping up

You don’t need to always implement every single app development trend into all your mobile software. But you need to have a general understanding of how the market is shifting so you can adapt accordingly. 

Whether the business is big or small, they should provide excellent services and user experience to their clients. A mobile app serves this function just as successfully. Thus, make sure to keep up with the latest trends before creating your app. For your success, innovation is vital. 

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