DIGIS delivered a lecture on IT business to the Odessa International Humanitarian University students

Building a successful business sometimes is not enough for completing the natural tasks. According to our nature, the most important task of every human being is to share our knowledge with next generations. Yes, it is not “build a house, give birth to son, and plant a tree”, no matter what others say. Information and knowledge is the most valuable resource and asset, and it must not vanish in vain but should be passed over to younger us who will pack it with their own knowledge and use it for something important.

That’s exactly what our Co-founder and Chief Strategist Nick Nagatkin wants to do and actually does. Being a skilled speaker and having an extensive experience in Software Development, Project Management, and, generally, Business Administration, Nick finds a couple of hours every week to talk to students of various Odessa universities and show them what IT industry is in real life.

This week’s luckies appeared to be students of the Computer Engineering Department with the International Humanitarian University in Odessa, Ukraine.

Students are all ears

Thanks to Nick’s experience and willingness to share this experience, young men and ladies got a valuable information about employment in IT, its market structure and behavior.

Telling them something interesting

They learned how an IT company works and which problems it needs to resolve every day. All this new information will certainly help these students to be prepared to their adult life and choose their career paths more responsibly and knowingly.

Capturing the audience

DIGIS is very proud of Nick’s generosity in terms of experience sharing and is always ready to help Nick arrange and conduct such useful events in future!

Ready to answer questions

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