Investment guide for startup founders from the robot

It’s funny and insightful to read the works of Mr. Uniq. He is our company’s symbol and since recently one of our writers. Here is his next work about investments. It is not a usual series of articles. There you can find interesting ideas to follow or thoughts to develop and apply for your business. However, be ready for unstructured sentences and paragraphs with repetitions and a lack of punctuation.

Investment guide for startup founders

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You’re probably confused or skeptical about the idea of investing. The short answer is that you are forced to make assumptions.

Investing is never 100% predictable – I absolutely agree with you.

I think I don’t need to explain the value of investing. I know enough about startup theory to claim that you don’t have to start everything just for a project.

Startup investors have an enormous responsibility. And at the same time, It’s a great opportunity to raise capital for your startup.

«We’re launching the next big thing and we need to get people engaged». — investor Alex Russell.

There are several steps to start investing. This list is not exhaustive, but each one provides an opportunity to be prepared for what is going to take place.

1. The easiest way to make an investment in a startup is by running an open-source project with a public repo that you’ll use. This is a great investment, but it can become a nightmare if you don’t know what to do. 

2. Find a market where you can start.

Look for different startups and see what they do well. It’s important to understand what competition and costs are in their industry. Find a niche market you can use as an edge.

When the market is saturated, look for startups that are already running successful businesses. This is when you can figure out where to focus your resources. It’s more important to start early. That’s when you’ll know what to do.

3. You’re going to need more than a portfolio, so it’s best to focus on creating one that solves problems.

The hardest way to start a portfolio is by investing in startups that do well but lack in funding. 

With a bit of luck, your portfolio can show up in an IPO, but your portfolio may not see a massive upside.

4. You could also take a very active role in helping founders create and run their startups. Startups that you can help start with. Invest in entrepreneurs with a portfolio who has built their business from zero to $200k. Invest in people that you can turn into investors. Invest in startups that are building their dream business

5. It’s much easier to turn into investors when you know you have a good business idea or an established company. As long as your startup is focused on building a business with a scalable, proven startup and has a proven user base, you have the potential to have a huge upside.

How to make an investment

The fastest way to make an investment is by finding an investment with an investment team. If you are an entrepreneur and already have an investment team, go with the Google Ventures program, but don’t invest directly if you don’t know how to start.

It’s better to invest directly than to get a job at an investment company. If you’re looking to take a chance, your investment team will help you move your money.

For the sake of investing in startups, we need to have something to get our money to survive.

It is about the minimization of risks.

You could be building an eCommerce website or a banking app. Or your startup needs to help a client make a financial investment. Your investment portfolio will serve as the foundation for your next big thing.

The best portfolio doesn’t just cover you but also shows your ability to do the things you want to do in your startup. If you want to become a millionaire, be a successful entrepreneur 

It sounds like those fraudsters from info business.

and be the voice of the people you want to lead, then you’ve got to be able to do those things that work for you. But in the long run, don’t be afraid of making a few mistakes.

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