Checklist of a popular mobile app

If you are still in the mobile app development process or have already published your app, at some point, you start thinking about engaging more users and break into the top ranks of app stores. 

Being aware of the factors listed below gives you an opportunity to narrow your focus on those areas of your product development that influence your popularity and success most. 

Before the mobile app launch


Discovery phase. Find proof that the problem your app solves is widespread enough. Identify how users can solve it without your app. Maybe there already exists a good-enough solution.

Precise mobile app design, development, and testing. Think how you expect it to be seen by your users — cheap / premium / entertaining / romantic, etc. Make sure your app is accessible and convenient to use on different devices and mobile platforms. Do not hurry to publish your product in the app store, fix all the bugs first.

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Nice to have

⬜Add social interaction features by implementing in-app chatting, commenting, reviews, customer feedback, etc. They are beneficial for you because:

  1. Users are able to solve their in-app problems and do not uninstall it; 
  2. Such features create a community feeling. 

Help users promote your app. Add a «share in social media» or «invite a friend» feature so that your first users can share the app with their friends, family members, and colleagues. Motivate them by proposing bonuses or discounts for every new subscriber.

App size measured in megabytes. Just keep this in mind and try to build the app as light as possible while leaving all the unique features. There are still a lot of people with quite limited mobile phone storage.

Check revenue trends across stores, categories, and countries. Choose those that are more beneficial for your LTV and revenue perspectives.

You are already an app store guy

According to Google Think Research, the second most popular method of how users find mobile apps is by browsing app stores. At the same time, the top-ranked paid apps have 150 times more downloads than the number 200 in that same ranking. So trying to be among the leaders of the app store is not a wasted effort. 

These are factors you should pay attention to get your app to the top products in app store:


Continuous updates and upgrades. Good quality and perfect experience are the reasons why your users will be retained and even invite their friends.

Do not delay bug fixing, do not ignore recent design and development best practices and trends. Furthermore, upgrade your app not only by adding new features but correcting the price as well.

Optimize your app for app store. Use catchy icons, screenshots, short (about 30 seconds long) videos, keywords in the description. These things will help users to find you in app store and understand how amazing your product is. 

DIGIS mobile app look for app store
One of our mobile app projects

Offer a free version of your app. Free apps survive up to two times more often than paid apps. If a user finds your app just by searching the app store, without friends’ recommendation, they would like to try it first, not pay at once. 

Different languages supported by the app. Even if you offer local service, let’s say taxi, delivery or restaurant app, think about your country or city diversity and tourists. 

Be in touch with your users. Quickly and actively answer customers’ enquiries, reviews, and rates. Higher user feedback on apps is positively associated with sales performance.

Nice to have

Сhoose categories with lower popularity. So you will have fewer competitors among billions of mobile apps. If you create an app for a popular category, then you just have additional obstacles to reaching a top ranking.

Build the easiest way to try your app using Android Instant Apps. Simply, it is an opportunity to use your app without downloading it through a web search. For example, users can be ready to pay for in-app features but don’t have enough free storage on their phones. Or they want to use it rarely. Or to try it without downloading first. With this feature, you will reach more users. 

The downsides of such apps: users are less engaged in active use of your app; they are not interested in new updates.

Promote your app:

⬜ submit to review sites; 

⬜ create social media accounts;

⬜ incentivize user-generated content. Since one of the most widespread ways users find new apps and agree to pay for them is friends or family member recommendation; 

⬜ pitch tech blogs;

⬜ offer free help. It does not mean providing your premium mobile app services for free or giving away your products. You may, for instance, offer advice based on your app specialization. 

! Do not forget about app store guidelines and follow them to be published. 

Making your mobile app popular is not a finite task. You should upgrade it, add new features, promote it continuously. 

Reading pieces like this, you may expect, that we will advertise our services. But when you are planning to conquer app store tops, you anyway need a technical team with talents specialized in narrow fields only mobile app development companies can offer. Some features and tactics are impossible to implement by one freelancer or an internal app developer.

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