Differences between smart outstaffing and conventional outstaffing

Tech hiring is increasingly project-based rather than in-house. At the same time, companies now trust and hire outside teams and specialists more. Even for long-term projects. So outstaffing and dedicated teams are actively developing and becoming more cost-effective and business-friendly. 

One of the new solutions (you probably haven’t heard of) is smart outstaffing. If you’re into investments and business fields, then it probably reminds you of the Smart Money term when a company gets not only bare investment but market analysis and a fund’s expertise. 

Just like the funds, smart outstaffing implies that an agency provides customers not only with talents, but also with their extensive expertise in the domain, access to the whole company’s software development knowledge, and the network of investors, VCs, and businesses worldwide. 

The staff augmentation approach is extremely beneficial for companies when:

  • they have no time to find and educate hired software developers about your business and the specifics of the industry
  • the product team is new to the market and need a relevant business network that can’t be obtained with just an individual specialist
  • don’t have enough expertise to hunt the best talents for their product
  • need support with their next investment rounds, set project management processes

Conventional outstaffing 

Smart Outstaffing
– You just get the tech expert you asked for
– You work with skills and software development knowledge only of the specialists you hired from an outstaffing company
– You get a specialist with the tech expertise you need
– Management of the development team is on your side
– You are offered a project assessment to get suggestions on what is the priority for the project at the current stage. Such agency provides software developers taking into account your business needs
– You get the knowledge base of the whole company. So you can get advice on virtually any software development issue
– You get expert with relevant tech expertise + business domain expertise
– You have a choice. For every client, such an agency assigns a dedicated manager to deal with team expansion. If necessary, it assigns a Project manager, who is responsible for the distribution of tasks, control of meeting deadlines.

You still get with smart outstaffing:

  • direct communication with tech experts. You have firsthand contact with software developers even if a smart outstaffing agency partially helps with the management. Tech specialists work as an inalienable part of your in-house team
  • agency’s responsibility for payroll, legal staff, taxing, HR, training, etc.
  • you are able to choose particular experts and team composition
  • flexible and fast recruitment: 2 weeks to expand and scale down your development team
  • a two-week trial period

So, the key distinction is that in the case of smart outstaffing an agency cares about final results by their specialists + provides supplementary options companies might need when extending software development teams. While traditional outstaffing is limited to the hiring and maintenance of specialists.

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