KekFeed case: quality help to boost side project

It is a common situation when you would like to start your own project, you know how to do it, but simply have no time. Maybe because of other projects or maybe because of a full-time job or family issues. It might be dangerous to go fully outsource, but hiring a professional development team to help you with technical staff might be a good idea. 

Here we in brief describe our way with Kekfeed and how we have contributed to their 500 000 downloads in Google Play. 

About the software development project

Industry: Entertainment.

Country: USA.


Description: KekFeed is a platform of an infinite collection of the sickest memes on the Internet that are carefully picked over by company’s moderators. 

Our team: developers for each technology: Java, Android, iOS and JS FullStack + Account Manager to create effective communication. 

Dev time: october 2019 — present. The app is developing and we will continue to contribute to the project.

KekFeed was a side project

Talented Team Leads and CTOs have been working on their side project. Each of them was in charge of a separate direction — Java, JavaScript, Android, and iOS development. They had full-time jobs so they were in need of technical experts to boost their project development. 

The KekFeed team chose us because they were referred by one of our former customers and liked our portfolio

What Digis offered 

We provide the KekFeed team with experienced developers, saving them months of the hiring process. 

With Digis they were able to get the ball rolling and to launch their apps 2x faster.
At the same time, KekFeed received a reliable team, who maintained stable performance for more than a year.

Always delaying your project? Our team of experts want to think along with you and help to develop it faster. May we contact you?

Tech stack

JS full stack — TS, React, NestJS, Passport, Jest, NodeJs, AWS(Lambdas, SQS, SES, S3, ECR, ECS, EKS, EC2), Doker, Kubernetes, Istio;

Java — AWS (Lambda, SQS, SNS, Kinessis, Redshift, S3, CodePipeline, SAM, Recognition, KMS), Java8, Spring, Spring Boot, MongoDB;

iOS — iOS sdk, cocoa touch, CoreData;

Android — Android SDK, Kotlin, Coroutines, Worker, Room, Navigation component, MVVM, MVI, ViewBinding, Epoxy, custom views.

Main features

  • Newsfeed;
  • Like/dislike. By this feature users are engaged more and can see the most popular content; 
  • Opportunity to download is important in the app with entertaining content. So that users can save something on their phones to comfortably show or send it in an apt moment to express their feelings;
  • «Share with friends» in other social media. It is an entertainment app and users would like to send funny pics to their chats, profiles and social groups; 
  • iMessage app;
  • Submit your own memes, which go through careful moderation. User-generated content is one of the key tactics for user retention;
  • Offline version — to discover new memes even without the Internet connection. 
  • Dark theme — for comfortable using at night; 
  • Gallery for saved memes.

The results

  • fully functional Android and iOS apps
  • +500 000 downloads in Google Play
  • about 5000 users rate the android version
  • saved money and time on hiring process
  • 2x faster launch comparing if KekFeed tried to complete it by themselves.

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