Core app update for French automotive startup

Startups often have very limited budgets. However, sometimes you need to spend a considerable amount of money to save several times as much later. According to the research, businesses which care about their IT systems modernization can increase their revenues by about 14%. At the same time, core application updates can reduce the cost of business operations by more than 13%.

Parkopoly is a French startup and one of our successful and long-term projects. The company provides car transportation services. They link car dealerships and garages, drivers-freelancers, and car owners.

One of their main apps needed an update

The multifunctional cross-platform app — the only instrument used by freelance drivers that work with Parkopoly. The platform is equipped with geolocation, integrated maps, a camera with a scan option for driver’s documents, signature capture, payments. Drivers use the app for taking missions, uploading photos of necessary documents, taking photos of the car from different perspectives. 

Since its launch, the mobile app had experienced great growth and, obviously, was overgrown with technical debt. Parkopoly paid 3 times as much for each revision, while a lot of critically important features were still impossible to implement.

What we have done

1. We had thoroughly prepared for the update. We were collecting errors for several months. Besides, we replaced the error-tracking system, which resulted in cutting down the client’s expenses by 5 times. 

3. We updated the core framework and all the libraries to the actual stable versions.

4. After the new app version release 70% of the issues disappeared at once.

DIGIS cares about the client’s products as if they were our own. We always aim at making them more usable and profitable.

Updates are inevitable. It is unreasonable to ignore or put them off, because they make your IT processes easier and cheaper. 

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