100,000 Active Users in 2 Months After Release: Check!

In the beginning of this summer, we took on a software development project for our friends from SAS Lanslot company of France and, as usually, successfully completed it just in 2 months, providing our partners with the best-in-class eSports mobile app, Lanslot App, built completely from scratch.

But the development speed is not key here. The point is about Lanslot App popularity among gamers. Rolled out just two months ago, in late July, the service now has over 100,000 users. Not sleeping latent bodies but vivid and active ones? Some services spend years to achieve such a milestone. Luckily, Lanslot does not belong to them.

We are sending our sincere congratulations to the entire Lanslot team and our good friend Chedli BEN HASSINE, Lanslot’s CEO, on this awesome occasion!

DIGIS is absolutely happy and proud to be a part of this great achievement! Well done, guys! Want to feel what Lanslot App’s team is feeling and attract even more happy users to your service? Then do yourself a favor and reach out to us! Who knows, may be it’s your path to the Unicorn Club…

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