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Project Overview Challenge

Founded in 2006 with a simple idea of letting people share their rides, BlaBlaCar is quickly making its way to becoming the top-choice marketplace for long-distance carpooling service, community carpooling service, and bus service as well. BlaBlaCar’s vision and philosophy is to motivate people to shift from personal vehicles to community or shared transport in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

But living through such a substantial development BlaBlaCar faced a challenge — the company needed to quickly scale up its staff responsible for maintaining the existing software solutions, creating new features, and, generally, providing software engineering support.

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BlaBlaCar’s challenges were:

To preserve the same security level of their unique software so that their customers weren’t hurt because of new people on software development teams.

To avoid routines, formalities and everything else peculiar to regular in-staff hiring.

To quickly find software engineers.

To ensure software engineers are of a needed qualification level.

To develop a needed level of trust to the software engineers and their originator.

Project Overview Solution

In the Software Development industry, recruiting and hiring software engineers is a tricky thing as standard recruiting agencies aren’t properly qualified for this purpose. They don’t have required competencies to verify candidates’ skills, knowledge, and experience.

At the same time, specialized IT recruiting firms have all the competencies and a pool of matching candidates to satisfy such needs, but their services are expensive and they bear no responsibility for further candidate’s performance.

Well, then how could BlaBlaCar solve this problem to get qualified software engineers to scale up their project teams and not to lose money and time?

That was exactly where DIGIS stepped in, made our offer, and got the contract. And the proposed solution was IT outstaffing.

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Project Overview Client Results

By accepting the DIGIS offer, the Client managed to counter all their challenges, in particular:

They got the needed software engineers and data scientists of the required qualification level.

They managed to scale up their project teams within the shortest possible time.

They saved time and money because they hadn’t addressed standard or specialized recruiting agencies.

They preserved all the control over the development processes and over the project teams.

They didn’t face any interruption of business due to the project team’s idle time.

They were able to satisfy their customers’ needs and expectations in terms of software solutions performance.

They got enhanced flexibility and knowledge on how to scale their teams up in future.

Solution Overview

DIGIS IT Outstaffing service is a perfectly tailored and fully transparent offering that helps DIGIS clients easily and quickly scale their project teams up with perfectly skilled and experienced software engineers at the lowest possible cost as compared to the use of standard or IT recruiting agency services.

DIGIS has been providing IT Outstaffing service for more than 3 years, letting our clients enjoy all the benefits of qualified IT staff on their project teams, without the burden of walking the whole recruiting pathway but with the preservation of all the control and responsibility for the team, its performance, and results.

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Solution Overview Outstaffed Developers Qualification Process

Software engineers DIGIS offered to BlaBlaCar as part of our IT Outstaffing service were all fully vetted and had passed what we call ‘fine sieve’, i.e. an extremely rigorous recruitment and selection process.






Solution Overview No Need to Worry About Payrolls Settlement

Then, all DIGIS-offered candidates all were full-time employees of DIGIS and got their payrolls settled by DIGIS. BlaBlaCar needn’t bother with their salaries or alike — it was the sole responsibility of DIGIS. The client’s only responsibility was to pay DIGIS for the whole IT Outstaffing service and then harvest all the fruits of DIGIS experts’ work.

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Solution Overview Access to DIGIS Knowledge Base as a Bonus Feature

DIGIS provided BlaBlaCar with what can be considered unique even for IT Outstaffing - full and free access to the all-DIGIS knowledge base. It means that not only DIGIS people on the Client’s project team but also the whole team and other teams of the Client’s project were able to get qualified advice from DIGIS experts in various domains and on various matters.

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Solution Overview Dedicated Account Manager as a Single PoC on All Issues

Finally, DIGIS IT Outstaffing for BlaBlaCar anticipated provision of an added control tool from the side of DIGIS Account Manager. Certainly, BlaBlaCar had their own Project Manager assigned to the team but DIGIS is a company that is always ready to run an extra mile to have our Client happy and satisfied, so we allocated a dedicated DIGIS in-house manager who ensured our software experts on BlaBlaCar’s project produced the highest KPIs.

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Project Team

DIGIS has served BlaBlaCar with 3 (three) software engineers who were assigned to two teams for two weeks. Each team consisted of six developers according to the best Agile practices and was led by a qualified BlaBlaCar’s Team Lead. Each team also had a Project Manager to oversee their performance and make spot adjustments to their performance. Additionally, there was a DIGIS Account Manager who worked from DIGIS office, supported DIGIS experts on BlaBlaCar’s teams, and provided all members of those teams with needed access to DIGIS Knowledge Base.

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