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Why Agile?

Agile is a HIT because:
People and
interactions Mean more than
Processes and Tools
Customer Engagement
and Collaboration
collaboration Is more important than
Cost Estimates and
Contract Negotiations
Flexible Response
to Changes
flexible-response Is more effective than
Strict Adherence
to a Plan
products Improve the concept better
than Paper Models and

How are we Agile?

DIGIS tries to bring in as much agility to our company and activities as possible,
while we preserve the best from conventional methods like Waterfall.

STEP 1 Identifying the Project technologies,
developing the Specification Document,
creating the designs
The Customer’s Product Owner is engaged to all the
mentioned actions to provide valuable input.
STEP 2 Assigning a DIGIS Project Manager to
lead the Development Team
All DIGIS PMs are trained to act as Scrum Masters and
ensure the process is agile and transparent.
STEP 3 Elaborating the Project Plan and Sprints DIGIS Responsible Persons, aided by the Customer’s
Representative, shape the Project out and identify
Sprints contents.
STEP 4 Implementing the Project DIGIS Team develops the Project working under skilful
guidance of the Project Manager/Scrum Master.

Sprints and Deliverables

High quality We adhere to 2-week sprints as this timing is ideal for completing the tasks and ensuring the highest quality.
Live Deliverable Each sprint ends up with a testable and functional piece of product or Live Deliverable as we call it.
Flexible Due to a flexible Agile process, additional tasks can injected into the sprint with no harm to the schedule.
Priority based Each task on the sprint is assigned a priority based on its importance.
Order of tasks No sprint is started until the previous one is finished and validated.

Customer Benefits via
Continuous Engagement


The Customer is on the same page with DIGIS across the entire Project, knows about the progress and is able to test the product without interrupting the development.

Paying only our team members’ standard hourly rates, the Customer additionally gets free access to DIGIS’ 10-year expertise and can address any of DIGIS experts for help if needed.

Test Agile Benefits with DIGIS

DIGIS is always happy to share our experience and vision with any stakeholder. If you want to ask questions on how to properly employ Agile in your company, if you need any other advice or recommendations, or if you want to test Agile benefits on a real project, feel free to!

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